2017 XP Turbo, 1450 miles. Cleaner than new, run in sand only! UTV Inc cage and roof, lowered seat bases, four point harnesses, Alba gauges in billet pod mounted on the steering column. Oil pressure, water temperature and boost. ECU re-flashed by Alba making 20 lb boost on pump gas. Digital AFR readout. Shocks have been re-valved by Shock Therapy plus the shock springs are from them too. The wheels are three piece by Douglas "Method", all are 15" and have true bead locks. Fronts are 8" wide with 1200 Desert Traks. The rears are 10" wide with 1300 Padla Traks that are comp cut. This RZR is adult owned, driven and maintained. It has been washed and dried after every trip to the dunes. It has never been run in dirt or mud! It has absolutely no issues and is only being sold since I am headed in another direction. It has a washable air filter and a silicone intake manifold. Clutch weights are adjustable and the helix has been changed out. All original parts are included, with the tires only being used one trip. Located in Roseburg, OR, just 124 miles north of the CA border. $22,000 541-643-7084
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