It is a fun place to camp and ride.
One word of caution. There is a type of tree they have planted absolutely, positively, do not want to be camped under those trees when they eject their seed pods or whatever they are in the spring. We were there Easter Weekend 2019, and the trees decided to do there thing that weekend.
The seed pods have some nasty yellow sticky stuff on them, and they stick to everything, and I mean everything. Dogs, trucks, RVS, everything.
Several of the folks in our group, myself included, had our awnings out when these things launched, and to this day I have never been able to get the yellow stains off of the awning. Tried everything. Last year we had the roof of the toy hauler resealed and the guy that did it commented on the stains on the roof and how it took him twice as long to prep the roof for sealing fighting that goo.
So yeah, stay away from the trees in the spring.