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    Ride of Discovery

    Iíve long been interested in the numerous emigrant trails that traversed our great State in the mid and late 1800ís and Iíve traveled most of them. There are sections of these routes that Iíve yet to see and this Saturday, Iím going to fill in one of those gaps. Anyone whoís interested is welcome to tag along.

    Weíll meet at 10 AM at Simpson Rd and Alt 95, which is about ĺ mile south of the Carson River in the vicinity of historic Fort Churchill and Bucklandís Station. Bucklands is the site of a Pony Express Station and river crossing. Weíll follow the old trail (Simpson Rd.) east toward State Hwy 95, about 25 miles. Out and back distance is roughly 50 miles.

    The route we follow was first established by the U.S. Army and later used by the Pony Express in 1860- 61. This is also the route of the first transcontinental telegraph line. When the line was completed, it spelled doom to the Pony Express. News that took 10 days to travel from St. Joseph Missouri to Sacramento now took less than a minute. Our route evolved to become the favored stage and freight road across northern Nevada. It was used exclusively until the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869.

    A disclaimer. Iíve never been on this trail and canít tell you what to expect but thereís a first time for everything. From Google Earth, it appears to be a ďpassenger carĒ dirt road from end to end. As is the case with many of my rides over the decades, this is a ride of historic discovery and exploration. Youíre welcome to join me.


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    Sounds like a fun excursion

    Have fun

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    Sounds like so much fun. I wish we could join you this weekend. Hope to catch you on another exploration some time!

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