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    Pinenuts Ride - Gardnerville - 6/29

    On Saturday June 29th you’re welcome to join us on a 40-mile loop through the Pinenut Mountains east of Gardnerville. We’ll depart at 10 AM from the Lone Tree Staging Area on Pinenut Road (38°54'20.03"N 119°39'28.76"W). We’ll ride east across the 9,000’ crest of the Pinenut range near Bald Mountain and descend 4500’ to Smith Valley via Ricky Canyon. In Smith Valley, we’ll go north a few miles to pick up Red Canyon and ascend back over the top at Galena Summit and continue west and back to Lone Tree. This is intended to be a moderate paced ride that’s more scenic and less technical. 4WD may be required for some of the steeper grades but for the most part the roads are easy. I haven’t been over the summit at Bald Mountain and hope there are no remaining snow drifts blocking our route. If there are . . . . we’ll adapt.


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    Sounds like a great ride. Wish I was available!

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